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Alison and Shaun — Specialist in Mission, KS

How did Westside Heat & Aire, Inc. come about?

The power of suggestion is what initially inspired us to take a huge leap of faith, in starting this company, through the encouragement of countless colleagues, customers, family members and friends.

Not only did our decision to do so, drastically help improve the quality of life by affording us both the opportunity of being full-time parents to our son and two daughters, (who at the time, were: newborn to 3yrs old) but it would also prove to be a major grassroots type effort and undertaking, for everyone involved being fully aware, there are absolutely no guarantees of success in business unless all parties involved, equally and tirelessly dedicate themselves to building a solid foundation for the reputation of their company to rise from.
Being both, full-time parents and business owners, we are extremely dedicated to the process of raising a company with family-values, while raising a family who values the company being raised alongside them. Nobody ever thought it would be easy, but we knew it would be more than worth it in the end, which is why from day one; we set out to ensure this company would be the type of place, any HVAC-R industry professional would be proud to call his or her employer, in the future.

We are fully committed to the tradition of building meaningful relationships with our customers and community, alike. It is our hope to always provide you with the level of service and expertise you have come to expect of us. We greatly appreciate your kindness and loyal business over the years and we certainly look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come, as approximately 98% of our customers have come by way of referral, which means not only, have you welcomed us into your own homes with open arms, you welcome us into the homes of your family, friends and neighbors, as well. This truly means the world to our entire family here at Westside Heat & Aire, Inc. because to us, the honor of having customers like you out there supporting us is absolutely priceless, Thank you!

Alison K. Kempf
President/CEO - Office Manager
Westside Heat & Aire, Inc.
Shaun A. Kempf
VP/CFO - Service and Field Manager
Westside Heat & Aire, Inc.
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Online Review by a Neighbor in Lenexa, KS

"Had my AC up and running within a few minutes of showing up. Was very informative and checked everything over to make sure I wouldn't have any problems pop up anytime soon. Even gave me an estimated life expectancy of my current unit along with how (in)efficient it was compared to a new one. While I only got my AC back on at this point, I'll definitely be using them again when needed since they had very reasonable on pricing."